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Introduction to the 'What They've Done For Us'  list 



Older People

The First Decade

Welcome to Aled Edwards' "What They've Done For Us" Pensioners list. Written a little in the style of Monty Python's Life of Brian "What have the Romans done for us?"  the list aims to provide a reliable record of the distinctive Welsh policies brought about by devolution (1999-2009). Beyond underlining the distinctiveness of Welsh policies no substantive attempt is made here to evaluate the performance of Welsh Assembly Governments or to list the policies brought about by other UK legislatures but not adopted in Wales. The dates in brackets normally indicate when the development was announced by the Welsh Assembly Government through a press release.

Third Assembly 2007 - 2009


To coincide with the United Nations Day for Older People, launch Wales’ Intergenerational Strategy. The Intergenerational Strategy set out to dispel myths and stereotypes about the different generations and how they can relate to each other. (October 2008).


Announced the publication of the first ‘state of the nation’ report on older people’s well-being from 2009. (August 2008).


Launched the consultation of the Assembly Government’s first draft Intergenerational Strategy for Wales. The draft strategy is a key action point of the Assembly Government’s ‘Strategy for Older People in Wales’, that recommended a development programme be established to promote the development and improved awareness of the benefits of intergenerational links. (June 2008).


Launched phase two of the Welsh Assembly Government’s Strategy for Older People. The second phase hopes to build build on the achievements of the first phase, which saw the introduction of popular schemes such as free bus travel and free swimming for older people, as well as the appointment of a Commissioner for Older People. The scheme has targeted infrastructure development and facilitated local champions in all parts of Wales.  In health terms, it has also resulted in National Service Framework for Older People and the Healthy Ageing Action Plan. (March 2008).


Ruth Marks was named as the first Commissioner for Older People in Wales. The Commissioner – believed to be the first of its kind in the World - will be a voice for older people, in the same way that the Children’s Commissioner has been a champion for children and young people in Wales. (January 2008).


Completed a consultation on the Protection of Vulnerable Adults from Financial Abuse. (December 2007).


Announced a Dignity and Respect in Care Programme for Wales. (October 2007).

Second Assembly 2003 - 2007

bullet Launched the Healthy Ageing Action Plan for Wales. (October 2005).
bullet Acted on its commitment to establish a Commissioner for Older People in Wales. The proposal to establish a Commissioner was one of the recommendations made in the Report on a Strategy for Older People in Wales, When I’m 64…and more. (2002). The draft Commissioner for Older People (Wales) Bill was launched for consultation in March 2005.
bullet Outlined how older people in Wales would benefit from £3million during 2005-06, as part of the Welsh Assembly Government's £10million Strategy for Older People. The money was allocated to local authorities and other partners to help improve services for older people and to develop policies and plans which better reflect their needs. (February 2005).
bullet People in Wales aged 60 and over were enabled to swim for free in local authority pools from November 2004. The Welsh Assembly Government’s 60+ Free Swimming pilot was the first national scheme of its kind in Europe.
bullet National minimum standards for small care homes for the elderly were relaxed following extensive public consultation. (March 2004).
bullet National partnership forum for older people in Wales began to take shape. (March 2004).
bullet Announced that the Assembly Cabinet had agreed that a new Cabinet Sub Committee on the needs of Older People would be established. (November 2003).
bullet Appointed a Deputy Minister with responsibility for Older People. ( May 2003).

First Assembly 1999 - 2003

bullet Announced changes in the application of National Minimum Standards for Care Homes for Older People in Wales. (January 2003).
bullet Provided free dental checks for over 60s and under 25s. (First Annual Report).
bullet Announced additional funding for free bus travel for pensioners and disabled people. (October 2002).